Wealth Preservation - Rigor

Wealth Preservation: Rigor

Rigor is attention to detail.  It’s looking to catch the smallest most seemingly insignificant detail which if disregarded or overlooked can have long term damaging effects.  

Whether it’s going over the terms and conditions of a contract, or a business deal or focusing on the fine distinctions of a movement in a physical activity which can either hold you back or propel you forward, whatever it is you are focusing on, the difference between having rigor along the way or just breezing through can often either make or break a goal or a large scale business deal.

Our vision is to enhance the way people think and talk about wealth not only in money, but in values, beliefs and traditions.  

Our mission is to show people how to strengthen their business and fortify their wealth through 5 simple steps.

Survival to make ends meet;  Security for business and family; Affluence in enjoying the fruits and benefits of the hard work put in to make money; Influencing others through clarity of purpose and vision; and Legacy of how you will be remembered and the impact and difference you can make in the world.

Thank you for being a part of our Straight Talk community.  What step of wealth are you in? What can you do to get to the next Step?