Take advantage of every business tax deduction legally available to you.

That means more of the money your business makes will benefit you
personally and who wouldn't want that?

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how you can put more money back in your pocket. 30 minutes can save you thousands of dollars

We offer both Individual and Business Tax Advice and Preparation

Rich Gaines, a tax attorney with over 35+ years of experience, is the owner of Business Growth By Design, Inc. where he comes alongside business owners to guide them through the tax jungle with the right map, the right tools and the right protection so they can enjoy their business experience.

Rich makes taxes fun because he uses the tax laws in your favor to save you money. And that is fun! 

With Rich’s ongoing mentorship, you take small actions in your business to get big benefits- More money, more profits and more freedom.   

Book your call with the Tax Master and find out 

how you can put more money back in your pocket. 30 minutes can save you thousands of dollars

Taxes can be scary and confusing for business owners and most likely you’re overlooking strategies and deductions that could help change the trajectory of your business.

With over 35+ years as a tax attorney and having worked closely with thousands of business owners, Rich expertly guides you on how to prepare throughout the year and on how aggressive to be when choosing what to deduct and what not to deduct.

Don't have a clue about the difference between a tax deduction and a tax credit?

Getting this same information from the IRS is like pulling teeth.

Don’t be like other business owners who’ve lost thousands of dollars that are otherwise completely legal to claim – the IRS isn’t going to call you up and tell you the deductions you might be entitled to… you have to research them and more importantly it’s up to you to take them..

Every business owner needs the “easy to follow” directions on what is actually a deduction versus what I “feel” I should be taking.

Book your call with the Tax Master and find out 

how you can put more money back in your pocket. 30 minutes can save you thousands of dollars

CLIENT Testimonials

Liz and Steve had sold a rental property, prepared their own taxes and the IRS rejected one of the claims on the return. They had already gone to see 2 other professionals before contacting me. I researched the tax question, prepared an advice letter and the IRS accepted my position completely eliminating all taxes and penalties against Steve and Liz which amounted to around $40,000. Imagine that…
How would their life have been different if they had to come up with $40,000 to pay taxes? Even if they had the money imagine what they could have used that money for rather than giving it to the government. That’s what I can do for you in this program. I can take money you are giving to the government, money going down the drain from hasty decisions or uncertain knowledge and we can get it back working for you.
I want to share another story which really goes to the value of one to one mentoring. When it comes to tax law I believe in pushing to the edge of the boundary but not beyond. Planning your affairs so you don’t have to pay tax is totally permissible and you aren’t obligated to pay one penny more. The tax laws are written in a certain way and my expertise is in understanding that law and how it works and to look at alternatives in what you can do.
In Angel’s case I did just that. I looked at the income she received and I put it into one category versus the category that the IRS would have wanted and it saved her on taxes. If it wasn’t for our one to one relationship she never would have received this benefit.

Running a business is what you are good at. Doing taxes, legal work and money management wasn’t part of your training.

Julie’s Story

Julie was good at being a medical technician. She was doing her own taxes, filing the wrong forms, and paying too much. She had’t put any money away for her future and didn’t have control over the direction of her business. 

After Julie came to see me, I reviewed her business structure, we started working on her plan, her strategies and her goals. 


  • We determined her retirement goal.  10 years.
  • We set up a plan for her to start putting away 20,000 dollars every year.  That meant 200,000 dollars over the 10 year time frame plus all of the investment growth- tax deferred-  for a real future value of about $400,000.
  • We filed the correct tax forms on time eliminating penalties and interest.

She kept more money in her pocket pure and simple.

Find out how you can take advantage of the same advanced strategies we used for Julie.

Contact me at 760-579-0079 or email [email protected]

Do you ever have questions from time to time about your business, the law, money or taxes?

Doesn’t it make sense to go to a legal or tax expert to get answers to these questions?

How much does that cost?

Probably a lot so instead of doing that you ignore the problem, end up paying extra money and not getting the benefit of that expertise.

That’s where my programs are different because included in the programs is my one to one time for you to ask your burning questions, explore options and get answers.

Twice a month we’re going to be doing that.

We’re going to be looking at different aspects of your business including all of your tax questions and I will be providing you with one to one mentoring so we are making sure that you are not paying any more than what you actually have to.

The money you save, the money you will make will give you a return on your investment worth tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands and maybe even millions over your lifetime.

Book your call with the Tax Master and find out 

how you can put more money back in your pocket. 30 minutes can save you thousands of dollars

Over the years I have found that business owners focus so much on front end sales that they can tend to forget or neglect back end profits allowing money to slip through a hole in the bucket. I am talking about thousands to tens of thousands and more during the business life.

I help you plug that hole not only with basic tax strategies that work in your favor but also some of the most advanced and innovative ideas that are perfectly legal. This is my unique advantage of over 35 years as a tax attorney and an advanced degree in tax law. 

Preparing taxes, planning for taxes and saving taxes is a big part of my business. The benefit to your business is that you receive the benefit of the most current tax ideas and strategies under the law.

Contact me for how my doing your first year business tax return can give you a savings value of over $500 or more. 

760-579-0079 or [email protected]

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