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The Magic of Money

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Entrepreneurs, Business owners and Sales / Marketing Professionals, are you ready to master public speaking secrets and make a bigger impact on your audience?

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Join Rich Gaines on May 18th for

Ultimate Stage Presence

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In order to succeed in business and in life, you need to be able to sell your ideas and yourself persuasively.

Speaking is one of the greatest skills you can develop and ultimately helps you accomplish your dreams. In this day long event with Rich Gaines you’ll learn how to give a talk that is engaging, persuasive and memorable.

Transform your presence into profit:

  • Learn the 4 core elements of speaking: stage presence, full body communication, audience connection, and room dynamics​
  • Learn the 6 innovations in speaking: room dynamics specific skill to take questions from the audience.
  • Message Clarity;
  • Speech structure to make it easier to craft and deliver your message;
  • Full body communication to build your presence and how to harmonize mind, body, and speech;
  • Stage skills for a powerful message;
  • Create a virtual reality on stage that brings your speech to life instead of standing still... When you add full body communication you are creating a picture for people while you are on the stage;
  • Specific room dynamic skills to take questions from the audience;
  • The Power of Improv: How to use distractions as opportunities and weave them seamlessly into your speech;
  • You’ll have an opportunity to shoot video of yourself using what you learn
  • And so much more...
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Ultimate Stage Presence is your Ticket to Mastering Speaking

Grab their hearts and truly impact those you are speaking to

Full Day Workshop:

Date: Saturday May 18th | Time: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Location: Altamira IV Clubhouse, 6750 Paseo del Norte, Carlsbad, CA 92011

Cost: $67
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You’ll leave the event:

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  • Knowing How to speak with emotion and passion;
  • Mastering the skills of story telling them compelling and relevant stories
  • Knowing how to have a conversation with your audience
  • Being able to deliver Jaw-Dropping Moments
  • Lightening up and having fun with your audience using situational and personal humor;
  • Delivering information in short 10-minute segments punctuated by soft breaks—stories, pictures and videos.

Transform Your Stage Presence into PROFIT!

One day Workshop for Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Sales/Marketing Professionals

Contact Number: 760-579-0079