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Tax Preparation

Are you taking advantage of every business tax deduction available to you? With over 35+ years as a tax attorney and having worked closely with thousands of business owners, Rich can expertly guide you on how to prepare throughout the year and on how aggressive to be when choosing what to deduct and what not to deduct.


If you rush ahead without laying a solid foundation, you’re bound to have some major gaps.

For business owners who like to go at their own pace, we have developed a comprehensive but simple 7-step video program that takes you step by step through designing your business to change your wealth, give you more choices and provide you with the opportunity to have your dream business.

This program gives you the tools to find those “blind spots” long before they show up on the radar and gives you the principles, strategies and action steps to take.


If you are in business and are having a hard time, this program will give you a boost.

Avoid limping along with your business for months or even years with the Business By Design Foundations program.

Without rock solid foundations, your business can take a long time to become profitable or collapse. Take the easy route and follow Rich’s proven systems to grow your profitable and viable business.

In this introductory mentoring program, you will identify your unique niche in the service or product you sell, develop an immediate 90 day plan for revenue growth and

Build a BUSINESS – not a “job” for yourself with the Business Growth By Design Mastery program.

Tired of the transaction trap where it seems all you do is focus on transaction after transaction while money just seems to keep leaking out of the hole in the bucket?

Our Mastery program is a 6 month mentoring program designed to give you an immediate return on your investment, engage with us on a personal level, monthly and in our 2 day live events with a special one day VIP event.

You’ll receive clear, specific step-by-step actions to take and plan your business so that it becomes profitable and builds your wealth.

Fast track your results with the Business Growth By Design Inner Circle program.

There are 3 stages of business. Survival, stability and scale or expansion. Most business owners go up and down like a yo yo between survival and stability. They find it difficult to build and scale without the right blueprint, system, foundation or structure in place.

Our Inner Circle program is for the business owner who is serious about designing their business to change their wealth and ready to take action. The Inner Circle program can lead to tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars of wealth gain.


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