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My vision is is for business owners to have a blueprint for systematic and predictable growth.

My personal mission and passion is to move business owners from doing a skill, where you may feel stuck, stale, bored and burned out, to running a business, where you are energized, excited and receive the rewards from having a business.

I developed the Business Growth By Design suite of products and services because I recognized that traditional norms of doing business aren’t working. Too many business owners are not seeing the benefits of their hard earned efforts. 

I have a unique difference from my over 35 years of tax, legal and business knowledge and experience which I bundle together to deliver an innovative and valuable customer experience.

CLIENT Testimonials

Jim is a high net worth business who was concerned about a change in the tax law that could cost him millions of dollars.

We created a couple of entities for his children that Jim could oversee. We also set up various additional structures for his real estate. With this planning, Jim was able to protect his wealth from creditors, save millions in taxes and increase his net worth.

There is no law that says you have to pay any more taxes than legally obligated. When I do tax planning I go the edge but not beyond.

That’s what 35 years and advanced training in tax law does for you. Angel came to see me and I decided to put Angel’s income into a certain category which wasn’t the one the IRS would have used and because of my experience and knowledge I was able to save Angel thousands in taxes. EVERY YEAR!

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