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Client Stories

Jim's Story

Jim is a business owner who stood to pay millions of dollars in taxes.

Together, we created a tax plan and entity structure which provided creditor protection, tax savings of over 1M+, and an increase in his overall net-worth.​

Julie's Story

Running a business is what you are good at. Doing taxes, law and money isn’t what you were trained for.

In Julie’s case she was doing her own taxes, filing the wrong forms, paying too much and didn’t know where she was going with her business. She was in the transaction trap. When Julie came to see me, we started working on her plan, her strategies and her goals. She wanted to retire in 10 years. She wasn’t putting any money away.

After reviewing her business structure and what she was doing with her money we made some changes. We set up a plan for her to start putting away $20,000 dollars per year. For her 10 year retirement goals that $200,000 plus all the growth in a tax deferred bucket which means the real value was about $400,000.

In addition we started getting her to file the correct forms at the correct times thus eliminating further penalties and interest. More money in her pocket pure and simple.

Ron & Carol's Story

Ron and Carol in their 70’s owned a home health care business and were facing an audit.

We did a reorganization taking the real estate out of their business. This resulted in the real estate no longer being at risk and providing them with retirement income.

Liz & Steve's Story

Liz and Steve had sold a rental property, prepared their own taxes and the IRS rejected one of the claims on the return.

They had already gone to see 2 other professionals before contacting me. I researched the tax question, prepared an advice letter and the IRS accepted my position completely eliminating all taxes and penalties against Steve and Liz which amounted to around $40,000.

Imagine that…

How would their life have been different if they had to come up with $40,000 to pay taxes? 
Even if they had the money imagine what they could have used that money for rather than giving it to the government.

That’s what I can do for you in this program. I can take money you are giving to the government, money going down the drain from hasty decisions or uncertain knowledge and we can get it back working for you.

Angel's Story

I want to share another story which really goes to the value of one to one mentoring.

When it comes to tax law I believe in pushing to the edge of the boundary but not beyond. Planning your affairs so you don’t have to pay tax is totally permissible and you aren’t obligated to pay one penny more. The tax laws are written in a certain way and my expertise is in understanding that law and how it works and to look at alternatives in what you can do.

In Angel’s case I did just that. I looked at the income she received and I put it into one category versus the category that the IRS would have wanted and it saved her on taxes. If it wasn’t for our one to one relationship she never would have received this benefit.​

John and Mary’s Story

John and Mary had done some planning. They thought it was all set up. But if wasn’t enough. They would have experienced a 50 percent tax at the second death. I went in and I was able to do create new structures and change old structures. We re-categorized the way they did business. Their wealth has doubled since I worked with them and it’s all prepared to go through to the kids, grandkids and even great grandkids tax free.

This is the kind of value I deliver. Now 26 million is lot and most business owners don’t have that kind of wealth but let’s say it’s 20 thousand or 200 thousand. Isn’t that worth it? Keeping the money in the family instead of going through a court process paying attorneys fees, taking up time.


Rich — I want to express my deepest gratitude to you for the incredible way in which you handled my tax issues, trust and estate issues. A case that could have lasted 4-5 years was resolved in less than 18 months!!!You literally “gave me my life back”.

With Rich’s personal style of grace and knowledge, he is able to meet the needs of any potential client. I will refer all my friends, family and others to Rich with the highest accolades.

You knew what you were doing, you always did it timely. After my previous two attorneys you were more than a breath of fresh air, you were a whole spring day.

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